Independent Non-Executive

Member of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Scotland
Date first appointment as director: 08-Jan-19
Length of service as director: 6 months

Present directorship:
Listed entities:
Constance Hotels Services Ltd
Constance La Gaiete Company Ltd
Hotelest Ltd
United Investments Ltd
Other non-listed entities:
Les Coniferes Ltd
The LUX* Collective Ltd

Jean trained as a chartered accountant in Edinburgh.
His work experience has been with Thomson
McLintoch in Edinburgh, PWC, Kleinwort Benson
and Security Pacific in Sydney. His specialisation in
merchant banking was corporate lending and leasing.
He was CEO of the Swan Group in Mauritius between
1992 and 2006 where his focus was in investment
and risk management. He has held a portfolio of
directorships since 1994 in various sectors including
agriculture, commerce, finance, power generation
and hospitality. He is a past Chairman of the Stock
Exchange of Mauritius. In his current independent nonexecutive
director portfolio his focus has been on risk
management and governance.
Country of residence: Mauritius