Chief Executive Officer

Master of Business Administration in Finance
XLRI Jamshedpur
B.Com (Hons) degree in Accounting and Finance
Delhi University, India
Date first appointment as director: 19-Nov-15
Date of last re-appointment: 14-Nov-18
Length of service as director: 3 years 7 months

Present directorship
Other non-listed entities:
AfrAsia Capital Management Limited
Mauritius Institute of Directors
Sanjiv has over 40 years of banking experience having
held senior positions in Asia, Africa and UK markets,
and has headed international Banks over the past 18
years as the CEO. He started his career with HSBC in
1979 and, over the years, worked in various capacities
mainly in the corporate banking, investment banking
and credit and risk management divisions in India,
UK and Mauritius until 2004. His last role at HSBC
was Chief Operating Officer HSBC India. From 2004
to 2008 he was the Managing Director & CEO of
RaboBank in India growing the franchise to become
the largest one in all Asia. He thereafter joined as CEO
of DBS India, leading them to be the fourth largest
foreign Bank in India during his tenure, launched DBS
India’s Digital Banking locally.

He is a successful leader of change and a major driver
of growth at both corporate and operational levels,
with a track record of delivering results in competitive
markets. Sanjiv continues to build beneficial customer
and staff relationships while driving Banks to embrace
the digital change.
Country of residence: Mauritius