Non-Executive Director

Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA)
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England &
Bachelor in Computer Science (BSc)
University of Manchester
Date first appointment as director: 30-Apr-18
Date of last re-appointment: 14-Nov-18
Length of service as director: 1 year 2 months

Present directorship
Listed entity:
Alteo Limited
Eagle Insurance Limited
Other non-listed entities:
Adam and Company Limited
Afrasia Capital Management Ltd
Air Mascareignes Limitee
Bloomage Ltd
Blyth Brothers & Company Limited
Cassis Limited
Cervonic Ltd
Compagnie Thonière De L’Océan Indien Ltée
DTOS International Ltd
Economic Development Board
Engineering Support Services Ltd
Equip and Rent Company Ltd
Escape Outdoor & Leisure Ltd
IBL Entertainment Holding Limited
IBL Entertainment Limited
IBL Financial Services Holding Limited
IBL Fishing Company Ltd
IBL Shipping Company Ltd
IBL Training Services Limited
IBL Treasury Ltd
IBL Treasury Management Ltd

I-Consult Limited
IMV Services Ltd
Interface International Ltd
Ireland Fraser & Company Limited
I-Telecom Ltd
Knights & Johns Management Ltd
La Tropicale Mauricienne Ltee
Manser Saxon Contracting Limited
Manser Saxon Openings Limited
Medical Trading Company Limited
Medical Trading International Limited
National Committee for Corporate Governance
New Cold Storage Company Limited
Saer (Indian Ocean) Ltd
Seafood Hub Limited
Seaways Marine Supplies Limited
Southern Investments Ltd
Stock Exchange of Mauritius
Systems Building Contracting Ltd
Winhold Limited
Dipak is a seasoned finance and financial services
professional with over 25 years of international
experience in management consulting, corporate and
investment banking, finance and strategy. He has held
regional and group head roles with Standard Chartered,
Barclays, Emirates NBD and Deutsche Bank in London,
Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and most recently
Frankfurt, where he was Finance Director for strategic
financial planning at Deutsche Bank global headquarters.
He came back to Mauritius and joined IBL as
Group Chief Finance Officer from January 2015. He is
also a former International Advisory Board Member of
the ICAEW, based in the UK.
Country of residence: Mauritius